All I Need Is What You’ve Got*

A band of men is given carte blanche to make its own propaganda. The band of men looks nervous. Too much freedom can make people nervous. The powers try to relax the band: You’ll feel better if you picture everyone in their underwear. His or her underwear. The band of men pictures its members on a record label, pictures how the spin is like a carousel. The music changes, but the label of men keeps going to the same 360 degrees’ worth of places and returning to the beginning. The men don’t want to be the label. They remember their carte blanche, make a video of themselves on a carousel. Women ride the carousel, women in only their underwear. Now the men are nervous again, watching the women go up and down on horses. After a few turns, the powers have amassed enough film and begin to apply adhesive to the men’s backs. The powers wait until the last second to hand the women their clothes as the rotation slows to stillness, all the horses fixed midair.

*Title is a lyric from “Touch and Go” by The Cars (#37 on Billboard Hot 100, 1980).

Daniel M. Shapiro has attended a World Series Game 7, edited a lingerie catalog, and been called “gorgeous” by Burt Reynolds. His book of celebrity poems, How the Potato Chip Was Invented, was published by Sunnyoutside Press in 2013.

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