And When It Rains*

We all know someone who’s the umbrella in the alcoholic’s drink. The band we like smiles at 128 bpm while its minds creep, while directors shoot/reverse-shoot keyboards that change the subject. Women might seem better at it, caking on more makeup than men, making watchers whisper the wrong questions. How can she even smile? elbows past How will they survive? Fun that doesn’t look like self-destruction dances in tall boots until it falls. Some of the best contracts are signed at bars, in bathrooms. If it weren’t dressed in black and white, it wouldn’t be a cliché, the head that bobs like a metronome before nodding out.

*Title is a lyric from “Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode (#8 on UK Singles Chart, 1981).

Daniel M. Shapiro has attended a World Series Game 7, edited a lingerie catalog, and been called “gorgeous” by Burt Reynolds. His book of celebrity poems, How the Potato Chip Was Invented, was published by Sunnyoutside Press in 2013.

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