All the Pretty Faces

You know after a while all those pretty faces on the screen start to look alike. Same cheekbones and clear skin, abundance of hair and thin noses. They each have a birth name but what does it really matter. They all want to be famous and to have lots of money but they’re really mostly anonymous, except to a few zealot fans, and demandingly blank.

They could be pretty flowers in a row. You walk by and admire them, maybe pluck a petal, or take a sniff, but they all look alike. Your girlfriend wants to be one of them. She yearns to be one of them. If she could inject it under her skin, she would do it today.

There are many flowers here in Hollywood. The gardener rips out the annuals that bloom once and wither so he can plant the new beautiful ones.

Ron Burch lives in Los Angeles, where he is an Executive Producer for a DreamWorks Animation Television show. His novel, Bliss Inc., was published by BlazeVOX [books], and he’s also a produced and published playwright. Please visit:

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