Did you notice
that the lake is big enough for two
and the water’s warm as baked biscuits?
Waves slop and slosh with the wind;
doesn’t it sound like messy fun?
Every boat is far away.
The sun is a kind, orange blister hanging high.
Overhead in treetops birds chatter and gossip.
Someone shoreside giggles.
My god,
what more could we want?

Yes, I know about that.
It was years ago.
This is today.
Your sister shouldn’t have taken the boat
out by herself.
It wasn’t your fault.
It wasn’t your fault.
It wasn’t your fault.

Here, take my hand.
Did you notice I said please?
Thank you.
Now, just one toe after the other.
That’s it.
When you’re ready for more
I’ll be ready, too.

Len Kuntz is an writer from Washington State and the author of the story collection, The Dark Sunshine, from Connotation Press. Additionally, he’s an editor at the online lit zine Literary Orphans. You can find him at http://lenkuntz.blogspot.com.

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