Over the weekend I have become bold and spontaneous.
Did you notice?
The glasses are all nicely shattered on the tiled kitchen floor
and every plate is a rubble of shards and dust.
The windows will be next to go,
then I’ll have to decide about these walls.
Look, even your cat fears me now,
hissing like a tire under the sofa.
The real test will be your mother.
She always said I lacked moxie,
that I was a timid toad afraid of my own shadow
and yours as well.
We’ll see.
I shan’t throw nary a thing her way,
nor lay a hand on her.
I’ve been practicing the art of fire-eating
and if all goes well
I’ll have it down by the time she gets here
and I show her how I can spew flames across the room.

Len Kuntz is an writer from Washington State and the author of the story collection, The Dark Sunshine, from Connotation Press. Additionally, he’s an editor at the online lit zine Literary Orphans. You can find him at

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