Night Training

The baby peeps.
The baby growls.
I think he’s still asleep.

The baby’s quiet.
Then growls again.
I close my eyes

against the sound
of the air conditioner,
of the noise machine.

Still I hear the growl,
long and slow,
steady like a line

It’s going on too long
and I grow suspicious,
like watching a swimmer

underwater too long
so I change the pitch
and see if it does too,

see if it’s all in my ear
all in my head
so trained now to hear

I don’t even know
if I’m listening,
as I rush into his room
to cradle him until
he decides to sleep again.

Daryl Muranaka lives in Boston with his family. In his spare time, he enjoys aikido and taijiquan and exploring his children’s dual heritages. His first book, Hanami, was released by Aldrich Press in April 2015.

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1 Response to Night Training

  1. dmuranaka says:

    Reblogged this on Maya's and Sam's Dad and commented:
    One of my poems is up today on the Eunoia Review! Hope you’ll take a minute to check both it and the Review out!

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