Christmas in Japan

The Santas and Christmas trees look
out of place beside
Shoji bridges, their arches red, and
finely curved.
In a clear violation of
international trust
I hear “Jingle Bells”
echo through a park filled with
graceful skeletons of
cherry trees against winter skies.

We have exported
the worst of this holiday. Have we
hoarded the best for ourselves,
or is it lost to us? I wonder,
as another lovely pagoda roofline
rises into view, accompanied by the
eternal strains of “Rudolph”.

Dawn Claflin recently left teaching to write full-time. You can find her work in Mothers Always Write, Beechwood Review, and Plum Tree Tavern, as well as online at

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2 Responses to Christmas in Japan

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  2. Anita Turner says:

    Thought provoking. I really like the images in brings to mind.

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