Sendai (05:46:23 UTC)

The ground shakes
reminding us that the foundations we evenly lay,
can be moved without notice,
jagged edges
                        split the plastered walls
            and we try to return to that surety
but everything has shifted –

a world an inch different
is a new world,

and we are washed away in its birth pangs.

Glen Wilson lives in Co. Armagh with his wife Rhonda and children Sian and Cain. He has been widely published, including work in The Honest Ulsterman, Iota and Boyne Berries. He won the 2014 Poetry Space Competition and was shortlisted for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize. His Twitter: @glenhswilson.

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One Response to Sendai (05:46:23 UTC)

  1. Experiencing a massive earthquake can be a life-changer. I was in Kyoto during the Kobe earthquake. I wonder if you were in Sendai during the killer quake in reality or imagination. Either way, I like the poem.

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