In Fargo, We Say Goodbye

Last night I dreamt of your heartbeat,
uneven and pulsing to the backdrop
of an electric ocean
as I wished I could be somewhere
I am not.

You told me to reach for the ring,
the halo around your head.
A loop of silver and turquoise
shrinks to fit the circumference of my index finger
and you drift through air and time.

Ash and dust and tooth and bone,
the remnants of your last months
circle to an end.

Plum and deep violet
stain on cold glass and my bitter heart.
Still sweet, still sickly.

Rebecca Jensen is an MFA student at Florida Atlantic University. She has served as Fiction Editor at Driftwood Press and is currently Managing Editor of Coastlines. Her work appears in FishFood Magazine and Go Riverwalk: Fort Lauderdale’s City Magazine.

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