Linear Friction Welding

When I heard you describe it,
on the phone, I was walking to work
and kicking leaves. I stopped and made
you repeat it again, It’s when two items
are pressed, pulsed together to create
friction, and their cells bond, join together.

And, you didn’t know what was going
through my head, but my silence spoke
to you clearly—our bodies stretched
across a bed and yours pressing into mine.
And, for a moment, there’s no space,
no difference between skin and skin,
a vibration
—and I could hear you smile
when you said, we’d better be careful.

Julie Ramon is an English instructor, specializing in English as a second language, at Pittsburg State University in Kansas and academic writing at Crowder College in Missouri. She graduated with an MFA from Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky. She lives in Joplin, Missouri, with her husband and son.

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