A Letter to No One in Particular

I used to lose money out of my apron all the time. I couldn’t count correctly. I wasn’t getting high anymore, I was just confused. I went outside and got bit by mosquitos and this girl would talk about being both religions and how she loved her parents because they told her she could be both. I’m a writer I kept trying to tell people but no one cared. I didn’t consider it cheating when I made out with that waiter on St. Paddy’s Day. I got a bagel with my coworker and she said she slept with someone and asked what I did with my guy and I said we kissed but my boyfriend probably wouldn’t care even if he knew. A new game for PlayStation came out and he left at midnight to go to Walmart and I waited in his bed. I couldn’t sleep and I knew he would come back and probably play the game all night but I just waited anyway. I tried to think about something good. My mom told me to do that when I have trouble falling asleep, to think about something good. I remember when we first met and he put on a Pandora Disney station and we sang songs from Tarzan. He convinced me to get a buffalo chicken sandwich and we each ordered our own and ate them messily in Boynton Beach. He kept saying he would take me to the pool and you know the thing is we never went.

Brittany Ackerman is a recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University’s MFA program in creative writing. She is currently a high school English teacher and encourages her students to read. This, however, did not work so she actually reads to them once a week and as they listen, they often drift away to other places in their minds and imagine the stories she shares with them until the bell halts their journeys. More of her work can be found at http://dailyackermations.blogspot.com.

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