He drove us down to Griffy Lake. Both of us knew it was ending. It started to rain and I didn’t even have to say anything, he knew the downpour was making me mad. Anxious I corrected. “Everything worries you.” Instead of fighting I took my shoes off and put them on the dashboard. My dress was riding up my thighs and he stayed in his seat for a while, then ran his hand up the inside of my legs. We kissed and I wanted to cry but it took willpower to stay inside my head. “We were supposed to go for a walk.” It’s too dark out anyway. We stayed a while longer and he drove me back to the house. All my things were in boxes and we stared at the ceiling after we hooked up. That was one of those times when I knew everything would be okay. The next day I took an art history exam and he met me outside the lecture hall. He shook hands with my mom and an hour later we were out of Bloomington, eating Pringles by the twos and running low on soda.

We had gone to dinner that night. It was our first real date. There was a candle on the table and a waiter to refill our waters and I kept looking out the window.

Brittany Ackerman is a recent graduate of Florida Atlantic University’s MFA program in creative writing. She is currently a high school English teacher and encourages her students to read. This, however, did not work so she actually reads to them once a week and as they listen, they often drift away to other places in their minds and imagine the stories she shares with them until the bell halts their journeys. More of her work can be found at

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