It’s 1am & there’s a lemur living inside me/ he has sad eyes/ there are chicken sleeping inside those eyes. The eyes are growing bald/ by that I mean the chicken are bald/ the eyes are growing bald in slowmo/ under heavy lilies/ because the sun is fighting for its rightful place like a gutless umbrella/ made of cardboard cookie dough/ yum in theory. Lilies are moon shining/ no homemade liquor/ but moon babies defeated by a dictatorship of sunflowers, standing in line on deathbeds of mud that smell of maple & cider blood. You dislike my eyes after 1am because of the extra strain on the microwavable potatoes & the painful death of the skies/ my eyes always search for yours because lemurs are so nasty to exorcise alone/ in dark/ & sleeping pills are a cure for a fragile head/ & chicken noises/ are genocide for bugs & human noises too.

Nooks Krannie is a girl/person poet from Canada. She’s half-Persian/half-Palestinian. Her words have appeared in Alien Mouth, Potluck and Wu-Wei Fashion Mag. She loves a lot and too much. Her website: http://nkrannie.tumblr.com.

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