His other girlfriend

Two beats, a slow memento, gather sleep
like beasts prowling in black ink.
In my dreams, faces pour burning down
lips like little pink urchins clinging onto granite.
Smudging into each other like charcoal on paper.

They choke sleep, they listen to the swollen moon:
soft-waisted, tight-eyed, dipping and clutching
into the dirt in his backyard, soaking the earth silver.
I see a room with no oxygen.
A chorus of bodies in a sea, marinating themselves in salt—
thick salt glaciers that throw themselves into depths,
all plummeting into moon-smoke.

They decide whether to wash themselves
clean with their breathing.
I stand by the window, watching them.
Bloom and unbloom; decay.

Nicole Seah is a student residing in Singapore, attending the United World College of South East Asia. Her work has been featured or will be forthcoming in Things Magazine, AWARE SG, Junoesq Literary Journal, Wallflowers and Eastlit. Nicole is the editor-in-chief for her school’s creative writing magazine ELEMENT and a poetry editor for Parallel Ink, an e-zine for teens. Her hobbies include playing tennis, eating peanut butter and attempting cool yoga moves to pass the time.

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