America The Hypocritical

Welcome to America where it’s 2015 and we still haven’t moved the hell on
Where we preach freedom to do whatever we want
But reject those who do
Where everyone wants to be accepted but nobody wants to accept
Where we can be friends as long as we agree on certain issues
Where if you don’t believe what I believe you are a bigot
Where if you don’t believe what I believe you are a homophobe
Where if you don’t believe what I believe you are a baby-killer
Where if you don’t believe what I believe you are a bible-thumper
Where if you don’t believe what I believe you are going to hell
Where if you don’t believe what I believe you are wrong
Welcome to America
Where everything is politically correct and everything misspoken causes controversy
A place where the rich still get richer and the famous are famous for being famous
Where reality TV isn’t real and where with a college education you can still be homeless
A place where we complain so much about obesity and health-related issues
Yet healthy food is overpriced and half the nation voted against health care
Welcome to America
A place where you can commit any sin in the church as long as you are not gay
Where bisexual men do not exist and lipstick lesbians just haven’t met the right man
Where love comes third behind money and looks
Where men don’t have eating disorders
Where there isn’t one romantic movie where the girl doesn’t slap the guy
Yet if he hits her back, he’s labeled an abusive male for the rest of his life
Where people vote for our president only because he’s black
And where if you are black and didn’t vote for him you are a self-hater
Regardless of the issues that are important to you
Where people spend more time on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
Than school, work, or anything else even slightly productive
Welcome to America
A place where the prettiest people have the ugliest personalities
Where we hate all cops for the actions of a few
Where a woman president has yet to exist
Where a black president probably never will again
Where people get off scott free for murder and
Get the book thrown at them for drugs
A place where all these inventions that are supposed to make life easier
Put people out of jobs
Welcome to America
It’s not as bad as other places, but even so,
God Bless America

James L. Craig is a simple boy from Alabama who has a passion for writing. He has published numerous short stories and hopes to take the novel, screenplay and poetry world by storm. He hopes to use his writing to encourage and touch the hearts of people everywhere, especially those from humble beginnings. He feels the best way to deal with pain is to turn it into art.

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2 Responses to America The Hypocritical

  1. Heartafire says:

    This is a nice piece of writing though I don’t like reading the harsh words directed at this country that is struggling to get on it’s feet again and is still the best country in the world, if not, why does everyone want to get here…and I say Welcome.

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