The Gypsy Who Reads Palms Stops

when cigarette burns pop up on
the softest and most gnarled
hands in town. A puppy licks
the pink calcium

            of a wrist
                        of a boy

who paid ten dollars to get the barking

Warring strawberry farmers – their four
swollen nubs – smear the red logistics

            of crop overgrowth
                        of the other’s wife

onto the dull promise of an abandoned
crystal ball.

Jerrod Schwarz is an MFA student at the University of Tampa and is also the managing poetry editor for Driftwood Press. He has been published in Dirty Chai, Scapegoat Review, Four Ties Lit Review, and others. The above things are a little mundane. In his day-to-day life, Jerrod does whatever he can to escape the heat of his Floridian climate, and has been known to take part in staring contests with alligators who would challenge an otherwise refreshing swim.

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