The Similar Shape of Slash Pines and HCG Test Strips

            There’s coke in the Midas touch.
            A joke in the way that we rust.
– Ben Howard, “Oats in the Water”

Glad someone planted these. A handful
of needles, two more slathers on her
knees. Gray sifts through a thousand
limbs, and the first smacks of rain
urge his pants back up.

We can keep going. She turns and he’s
halfway to the factory’s back door.
The travelled grouse of thunder sends
two finches over the tree line, muffles
the question her stomach has asked
her all morning: Why did you skip

Jerrod Schwarz is an MFA student at the University of Tampa and is also the managing poetry editor for Driftwood Press. He has been published in Dirty Chai, Scapegoat Review, Four Ties Lit Review, and others. The above things are a little mundane. In his day-to-day life, Jerrod does whatever he can to escape the heat of his Floridian climate, and has been known to take part in staring contests with alligators who would challenge an otherwise refreshing swim.

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