Coming from the Outside*

“You are so young; you stand before beginnings.”
                        —Rainer Maria Rilke, ‘Fourth Letter to Franz Xaver Kappus’, Worpswede, 16 July 1903

I want to talk to.
You have encountered many very.
You say that even their.
Please, dear friend, think about.
Did not much within you.
Did you not, somehow at.

The only sad experiences which.
Like illnesses treated superficially and.
They gathered together within the.
They are life unlived, ridiculed.
Were it possible, we might.
Then perhaps we would endure.

For they are the moments.
Our feelings become mute in.
Everything within us steps back.
I believe that nearly all.
We perceive them as crippling.
We are alone with the.

For a moment everything intimate.
We stand in the midst.
And this is the reason.
And we do not find.
One could easily make us.
We cannot say who came.

But many signals affirm that.
Therefore it is so important.
The seemingly uneventful moment, when.

*’Coming from the Outside’ is a found poem taken from the first five words of the first twenty-seven sentences of Rilke’s ‘Fourth Letter’ in his Letters to a Poet (translator: Joan M. Burnham).

Ting Wei Tai is currently an undergraduate at Yale University. His poems have previously been featured in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Cha, Poetry Kanto, and The Brasilia Review.

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