Survival kit

In place
of medication
try prayer
tears strong
drink true
love or
you can
wrap your
arms and
legs around
try lies
try truth
try saint
john’s wart
try talking
to a
try talking
to nobody
try keeping
your ghosts
your head
they are
inside your
and they
rule there
use long
sleeves and
dark socks
to cover
scars that
show and
a large
glass jar
to hold
the scars
that don’t
show screw
the lid
down tight
and bury
it out
in your
victory garden
but for
Christ’s sake
try something
if not
to win
at least
for keeps.

Matthew Borczon is a writer and nurse from Erie, PA. He was a sailor stationed in the busiest combat hospital in Afghanistan from 2010-11. He writes about what he saw and the problems he has had since coming home. His work has been published in Busted Dharma, Dead Snakes, RASPUTIN, 1947, Dissident Voice and Big Hammer, among others. He recently won the Yellow Chair Review’s chapbook contest and his book A Clock of Human Bones will be published by them in early 2016.

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