an education

zaftig her namesake      signature fleshiness
breasts buoyed by greed


every breath      her stomach a porringer
riverbeds full      animal salinity

armpit bowls      earlobe watis
the moat around an outie

slurp sweat from each indentation
choke on body steam


botticelli’s promise manifest
cup everything      everywhere


floss with black curlicues
naps on naps      peak to peak

compel pupils wide      open
see through shadow


fly north along stray hairs
blot her gloss      everywhere


whisk lips      her semitic nose
everything      marked up in white

Mukethe Kawinzi spends her time traipsing among the flora and fauna of New England. She works in the field of healthy food access and lives in New Haven, Connecticut. Poetry is her newest adventure.

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