The Words Make a Sieve of Our Eyes

I am whispering to a shallow photo
& what we have is a shared hallucination

Of the same small life—
A cardboard cut-out of someone like me!

& because the hollowness we experience
Is discrete in its fingering—we are out of sync

With the movie rejecting our worship
& like a fixed row of tombstones

On the mounded graves of our faces
Our smiles are sticky handsome minty—

Not so much ashamed of our many errors
As we are fiddled by a complaining set

Of circumstances
Of something not real enough—

A whistle in the ear heard later on the train
The steady mechanical movement

Of the light sitting like an open book
In the cleave of yr crossed thighs

& with all the charm an adjective can muster
I can feel my soda fountain toes

Dribbling all over the thick mat of dumb
Summer grass—”Let me have

The green bottle,” you say & the words you
Speak make a sieve of our eyes

Someone has purchased the toy silver bell that’s been ringing in my trousers & left me standing here agog in my Tintern Abbey underwear. The parlor, when we thought of it, was full of heads nodding & this was a wedding—you are now the thing we keep all to ourselves.

Raymond Farr is author of ECSTATIC/.of facts (Otoliths, 2011), & Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2012), Poetry in the Age of Zero Grav (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2015) & 2 e-chapbooks, Eating the Word NOISE! (White Knuckle Chaps, 2015), & A Journey of Haphazard Miles (ALT POETICS, 2016). Raymond is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog, now archived at & publisher/editor of a new poetry blog The Helios Mss.

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