The weatherperson’s partner

knows never to ask
will you still love me
a week from now?

because the answer
comes as a percentage chance
and it will be less
than a hundred
to allow for acts of God
and affairs discovered
that haven’t even started yet
and the unforeseeable
in general.

Instead they learn to say
do you love me
right here right now
this moment?

and the happiness
on both their faces
at the answer unequivocally yes!
makes the never-certain future
almost worth it.

Alex Harper’s poetry has appeared in Liminality, Kaleidotrope, Not One of Us, and The Interpreter’s House, among others. He lives in England and can be found online at and on Twitter as @harpertext.

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1 Response to The weatherperson’s partner

  1. This is outstanding. Very beautiful, a little bittersweet.

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