O Blue, dear Gary:
you are a sad one.
One by one you foil
up & dry up,
welling up, cry.
Blue, baby, blue,
sotto voce and so low
so bowed before the ocean
all sprawled out below.

Dear sir, O Blue,
Gary, old beau, do know
I think to know you—
But could I? Should I
be let? Stones
hole up, fold
up, fold, ante
up, hold, never
told no, never
told go. You,
Blue, you are no
stone, but bow:
flex and wither though
from woe untold in
tones unspoke’.

O Blue, dear Gary:
wells swelling up,
swells welling up,
drying up, old & bone,
gone, baby, long told,
long gone.

Hayden Bunker previously studied poetry at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT, and Hellenic International Studies in the Arts in Paros, Greece. He has a background in youth and community theater, and is currently finishing a B.A. in English Literature at Reed College in Portland, OR.

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