capybara gold-eater

call me capybara gold-eater
            sighs capybara
                        swoons capybara
                                    barks at the stars
                        how many dry runs?
            dry sounds—round nugget
                        down in the earth
                                    flash in the pan as it were
                        black cat
            whirs in a black
street night
                                    —cone comets
            vomit come again!
hi come into my house
                        high comma
                                    come into
                        my room bed
            room enough for three
these leeks in a ground plot
            potted plants trees leak
                        green for me
                                    lean & love & breed
                        polyglot barking
            stars harking
in the gold night

Hayden Bunker previously studied poetry at Goddard College in Plainfield, VT, and Hellenic International Studies in the Arts in Paros, Greece. He has a background in youth and community theater, and is currently finishing a B.A. in English Literature at Reed College in Portland, OR.

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One Response to capybara gold-eater

  1. Rodd Whelpley says:

    Fantastic rhythmic quality. This a fun poem to read aloud. Well done!

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