Day of the Dead

            In response to David F. Driesbach’s color etching All Children Must Be Accompanied by Adults

A red carriage pulls me through
the Friday night streets. Halloween
weekend and everyone who’s anyone

or no one at all is out and about
in their finery. Roosters crow
from their perches in the Bistro

as I pass. I never dress up
for this holiday anymore.
I grew old and my body

became its own costume, hiding
me in plain sight. The horses
trot along Main Street

and I turn my eyes away
from the crowds of monsters,
unwilling to see through their facades.

Josette Torres received her MFA in Creative Writing from Virginia Tech. She also holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Purdue University. Her work has previously appeared in *82 Review, escarp, The New Verse News, and Eunoia Review, and is forthcoming in Tiny Text and Thirteen Ways Magazine. She is currently a doctoral student in cultural thought in the ASPECT Program at Virginia Tech.

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