Café Delores

When coffee saw the child
step into the street it waterfalled
over hands, table tops, legs—
but still it could not stop
the car in time.

After a rather extended and varied second childhood in New Orleans, Matt Dennison’s work has appeared in Rattle, Bayou Magazine, Redivider, Natural Bridge, Spoon River Poetry Review and Cider Press Review, among others. He has also made videos with poetry videographers such as Michael Dickes, Swoon, and Marie Craven.

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4 Responses to Café Delores

  1. Great read! Thanks fro sharing!

  2. columbusmatt says:

    Well, thank you, Sofia.

  3. columbusmatt says:

    Though it is a rather sad poem as I saw the child hit.

  4. Sally Houtman says:

    Powerful image well-captured

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