When fear is skinned alive, it becomes a lighted mask. Beige shedding its colour under the sun. A yellow caravanserai riding through Jerusalem. A boat stranded in memory. When its clothes are undraped, it turns into a speck of dust to be kicked afoot. A pair of feet turning towards places no scripture has mapped it on. The trees grow its arms, the sky plays its guide. A shadow is its only body, a pilgrimage borrowed from heaven. Hiding under its own cover, it shreds itself to war, falling, and then finally, nothing.

Yena Kapoor is a writer whose work has appeared in several magazines, journals, and newspapers, internationally and nationally. She’s currently working on her fifth poetry collection.

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One Response to Consequence

  1. cupcakecache says:

    Fear sounds like a snake waiting to shed its skin or a thought yet unspoken lurking quietly and dangerously in the mind. Thanks. Great descriptive prose to awaken the mind.

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