Bathroom Stall Poetry

I’ve been trying to write poems
for days now but nothing comes
I can’t make the words sing
This is nothing better.

This is wasted thumb movements
mindless text written in the
bathroom stall at work.

I’ve been thinking of quitting
throw the notebooks in sewer drains
let the rats feed on my shit words
maybe then they’ll be worthwhile.

I have a reading on Friday,
afterwards they’ll ask me about poetry
ask me how I write poetry
I’ll lie and say that I do write poetry
I’ll shove my pen through my eyes
Vomit black ink onto their feet
And try to write again.

Damian Rucci’s work has appeared in Yellow Chair Review, Five 2 One Magazine, GFT Press, Beatdom, and other magazines. He is the host of the Poetry in the Port reading series and the co-founder of Indigent Press.

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2 Responses to Bathroom Stall Poetry

  1. lifecameos says:

    I know the feeling.

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