I’d like to think that first
the sacred bathroom counters
would collect dust

dead skin to space rocks
would cover my tooth brush
and where I once soaked my sleeves
in hot water

the clothes
would slip off the hangers
from the force of absence
then the neighbors would
knock on the door till
their knuckles were as
red as the cherry pie
they made for us because
they smelt grievance in the air

the scent came into
their house as they left the door
open for the sun
something’s wrong
something’s gone

I’d like to think that the milk
would be the last thing to spoil
I’d be home by then
replacing soy with sweeter milk
I don’t know if my mother would come
with me

I’d replace 60614
with 44519
I’d leave my fingerprints in America
leave my eyes in my city
my shoulders would join me
to lift the heat from my body
the daylight might feel heavy
I might miss the city winters
my feet might crave snow boots
but I’d bind them into sandals
till my toes whispered words of solace
this is better
this is better

I’d like to think my fingers would become
fluent before my tongue did
I’d like to think water would be thicker than blood
the Nile would course through me
but if it was the other way
if the blood fought the water
till it drowned
in its own
that’d be okay too

Magda Farrug is an Egyptian American student in Chicago, and has been involved in slam poetry and Louder Than a Bomb, the largest youth spoken word poetry slam. She won the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Key Award two years in a row. Magda is a lover of literature and writing, especially poetry.

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