Coal Town

Birds don’t stop in this town.
I see them fly past, black peppering
blue, going someplace. I’ve given up
dreaming wings. This town
will know my bones. Condoms
sell well in Joe’s corner store – boredom breeds
but breeding’s a trap, a twitch in the smile
of those steel-eyed shrews
who linger late after church.
I walked half a day, out past the salt flats,
after they closed the movie house down. Smoked
the joint she’d brought back from college
when she returned to bury my dad.
I remember how pale her fingers lay
across my father’s hands –
coal miner’s hands, tarred like his lungs;
like this town.

Ryan Stone is a poet incognito from Melbourne, Australia. His poetry has recently appeared in Writers’ Forum, Black Poppy Review, Napalm And Novocain, Poppy Road Review, Houseboat and Pyrokinection.

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3 Responses to Coal Town

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  2. linhebert says:

    Mr. Stone, This is now my favorite poem, glorious sadness, carved in Stone.

  3. swampytad says:

    Damn, Ryan. This is so packed and exquisite. Really nice.

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