screen memory: after sufjan stevens

again, myth
turns memory


like live wire
under the thumb


like a vial of venom
on the verge of



the art of animals,
clouds in a sky of spilled milk


a wrist met with lightning
grazes for escape at the floor,

another abyss mistaken
for a door.

the trauma
of a sunbeam falls

on the careworn
calligraphy of body and bed,

stumble upon
this memory

like a found photograph

duct tape desire
to despair,

watch yourself
at the sharp edge of mirrors
where things

no longer appear―

absence multiplies
into presence,

till all love,
all longing

for the ones who fled

Karuna Chandrashekar is a psychotherapist practising in New Delhi, India.

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One Response to screen memory: after sufjan stevens

  1. An excellent weaving of images! Thank you!

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