Newark to London, Can’t Remember the Flight Number

Last year I got on the plane without thinking about cigarettes but this flight is longer and let’s be real I smoke much more now. I sent you the “I love you” text but didn’t get one back before we took off and yeah I’m afraid of crashing and yeah I’m afraid of death. My parents take us on vacations to save their marriage and I guess that’s better than having a baby but you can’t help wondering if any of us will make it out alive.

Jamie Kahn is a writer and vocalist for the feminist hardcore band, Fatale. She’s had poems published in the anthologies Beyond the Sea, Eber and Wein’s Best Poets of 2015, Inflection, and Creative Communication’s Fall 2015 book of poetry. Her poetry has been featured on PDXX Collective, Maudlin House, and in the Claremont Review. She has also written for Thought Catalog.

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