this is my hair / aurora borealis
this is my foot / nut-brown beetle
this is my eyebrow / arch of geese

this is my ankle / breakwater riprap
this is my nose / broadroot banyan tree
this is my calf / sheer sandstone cliff

this is my mouth / flying fox cave
this is my knee / embossed manhole cover
this is my throat / elevator shaft

this is my thigh / glass skyscraper
this is my chest / savanna and foothills
this is my stomach / thunderhead sky

this is my brain / wind-riffled lake
this is my hand / curlicue starfish
this is my heart / warm cup of milk

this is my chakra / yoni and lingam
this is my blood / trilobite ocean
this is my body / city of stone

Vince Gotera serves as Editor of the North American Review and also professor of English at the University of Northern Iowa. Recent poems appeared in Crow Hollow 19, The American Journal of Poetry, Star*Line, and Stone Canoe. His sonnet “What Matters” won the Writer’s Digest rhyming poetry competition in 2015. Poetry collections include Dragonfly, Ghost Wars, Fighting Kite and the upcoming Pacific Crossing.

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