Prom Song I: Carnival

The boy invites himself along. He jumps
in the photo. He places his mouth near mine

but I am tired of trying to fit my mouth in someone else’s.
I want to make my tongue into an artifact, untouchable.

I try to dance with the boy. He says he does not dance,
decides to run away until his body forgets itself

and he becomes a horse. I place him on the carousel
with the other beasts, teach him to do horse things.

Afterwards, I assess the damage:
every cupcake eaten, streamers torn from the walls,

the sky denatured and clotting into night.
Someone has run off with the horse,

set the wreckage on fire.

Aidan Forster is the blog editor of The Adroit Journal and the co-founder/managing editor of The Adroit Journal. He has work in The Adroit Journal, Assaracus, DIALOGIST, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Two Peach, and Verse, among others.

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