Goodbye Jim Harrison

Where are you now? Because I know even a dead man floats. You nearly outlived us all. You stuck it out when others gave in, and you came out on the other side. Is it warm enough for you? You never could quite decide which weather you liked best. Michigan, Arizona, Montana. Cold, hot, somewhere in-between. Wherever you are I bet they have good food. You should’ve been a chef, but you decided to be a poet. Just about the same. Your poems could make a broke man rich and a rich man fall to his knees to lick the dirt. Man, you could make any dad in America like poetry. You’re the Trout Fishing in America Poem King. Where are you, Jim? With your wife whom you wrote about with love? Send us a signal. Here, here is a totally uncontrollable river for you to watch over and keep an eye on. Send us a signal. There you are. Here is something beautiful. Man, Jim, you’re so good you could make a blind man see.

Jack C. Buck, originally from Michigan, lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is a public school teacher. He thanks you for reading his work. His debut book, a collection of flash fiction, will be published in the fall of 2016. You can reach him on Twitter: @Jack_C_Buck.

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