World Without Walls

bird twittering behind bracketed bars twisted heartstrings knots conundrum reaching for the

forever distance away such pretty colored lights hung in outside day return to a childhood

playground of imagination i pray at the end of the rainbow the gold pot oh no grey-white ash in

someone else’s fireplace wondering on the truth of reality is the room so dim breathing against

closed windows ghostly trail of wanting how can life make plastic promises crumbling charcoal

memories tightening tunnel future’s vision trusting eyes spread open a picnic blanket on freshest

grass but what is for lunch become checkered irises cover truth a lid on the laundry basket needs

a wash a blank page writing the universal story over never again senseless nonsense but keeps

the pen moving dark splotches and watercolor scribble wake to look for the unknown dream

iridescent insect wings arching from the tip of my tongue waiting for the world without walls to

be free

Winnie Khaw graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with an English M.A. (concentration in creative writing) in May 2016. Her creative work is upcoming in Pilcrow & Dagger and The Bards and Sages Quarterly, and is featured in FICTION on the WEB, Funny in Five Hundred, The Singularity, Pirene’s Fountain, Magic Lantern Review, Empty Mirror, Passages North, Palooka, The Philadelphia Review of Books, Eclectica, AntipodeanSF, Strange FrenZies, The Daily Satire, Estuary, and the Kung Fu Action Theatre podcast. In addition, she is an associate editor at Pleiades, and a book reviewer for Santa Fe Writers Project, American Microreviews & Interviews, Necessary Fiction, The Philadelphia Review of Books, Fjords Review, and Nostrovia! Press.

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