Skin Changer

When he told me to change his skin, I said, why would you want me to do a thing like that? And he said, what if my boss invites me to a pool party, and how am I supposed to join a country club? I have dreams, you know. And I said, when you hurt I hurt, so he said, show me, and I climbed on top of him, and pulled him inside of me, and I said, do you feel better now? And he said, why are your eyes so dark? And I said, why are your lips so big, and he said, your pussy is wack, and he found a girl with sunflower hair and water for eyes, and he made them overflow, and he came back to me, and he said, I love you, and I said, you love no one, and he said, you are my modest home, and he climbed on top of me, and he said, are you ready, and I said, rest here, and he pushed himself all the way inside , and we rocked, him and I, skin to skin—only skin, and he said, your eyes are dark like the woods at night, when we met in the air, and I sighed, and I said, meet me under my bones.

Shara Concepción’s writing has been featured in PANK Magazine and CosmoGirl, among others. She is the recipient of the CUNY Undergraduate Poetry Award. She currently lives in Boston, but her heart and its shareholders remain in New York City.

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