This Title Is a Thick Wall Falling

Nancy Spero said that the enemies
of women’s liberation in the arts
will be crushed.
I would like
each poem I write to be
a bulldozer. I would like
each word I write to be
a clenched fist. The man working
at the bookstore asked me if
I wanted a book of poetry
by a man or a woman, because,
women just write differently than men
and when I answered then I guess
a woman
he said yeah,
I thought you’d say that

in a way that made me want
to apologize for my
incorrect answer.
I would like this poem to be
a piano falling from the sky.
The upcoming semicolon
is a roof collapsing;
the last line is
a boot stomping down.

Hannah Siobhan is a student currently living in Minnesota. You can find more of her work in The Fem and Glass Kite Anthology.

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