z is for zugemessen

seeing that the sky has turned heliotrope
and hesburgh has finished his last fonseca
the wooden cigar box signed off on the top
and handed with a nod to the reader as a gift
now used to store trinkets each a tiny seed
of a poem penned like a rare objet d’art as if
in varying degrees of what messen means
that zugemessen means the distinct amount
assigned to one like a measured moment of
quick blessing borne of fatigue and old age
then a resumption of decision and action
the provision of full favour and full approval
because this is a friendship suddenly made
one offered with assurance of help whenever
either calls like today when the reader prays
for memory and a story beyond all bounds
über alle massen as if to take fourteen steps
past known limits and stations to embrace
the unknowable and ineffable as if dasein
mandated a reauthoring of its own being
the grotto silent but aglow like a new day
purplish aura over the lady of lourdes
path between basilica and library as quiet
with a promise revisited finally rebuilt anew

Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé is the author of an epistolary novel, two hybrid works, and seven poetry collections. A former journalist, he has edited more than fifteen books and co-produced three audiobooks. Among other accolades, Desmond is the recipient of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award, Independent Publisher Book Award, Poetry World Cup, Singapore Literature Prize, National Indie Excellence Book Award, two Beverly Hills International Book Awards and two Living Now Book Awards. He helms Squircle Line Press as its publisher and founding editor.

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