Feet Poem

I present them to you
no longer guarded
by socks. I cut
the word “cut”
into the insoles
to get your attention
but leave the arches
pearly, a gift
for your lips.
Toes ripe as plums,
you will want to drowse
on them. Praise
their perfect anatomy.
Devour them upon
waking, their scent
more potent than
the most robust coffee.
Their webbing flutters
for you. You will beg
to own them for yourself.
Venerate them. Anoint
them with your tongue.
Bind them from prying
eyes until they bloom
into lotus flowers.

Daryl Sznyter received her MFA in poetry from The New School and her BA in creative writing from Pepperdine University. Previous and forthcoming publications include Word Fountain, Best American Poetry blog, Noble / Gas Qtrly, Bluestem Magazine and anthology Theories of HER. She currently resides in Dunmore, Pennsylvania.

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