Visible Reality

On visiting the Groeninge Museum

They meant to represent,
the Flemish masters,
a visible reality.

They saw
fox-faced men meant to tempt Job,
sawing dirges on the bulls’ skulls
as ornithine crustaceans crept afoot,
their fat heads stuffed with gaping fish.

They saw
that George’s dragon
cowered at his horse’s knees,
that Mary’s breast
might fall mid-chest
as well as fill God’s infant veins.

They saw the Sun
fell fullest there
where three trees grew
together in the glade.

Daniel Fitzpatrick lives in Hot Springs, AR, with his wife and daughter. The three enjoy micro-farming, Russian novels, and Dr. Seuss. Daniel’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The 2River View and PILGRIM.

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