Tomo’s Sonnet

That Tomo from Tipton was guilty, they said
‘e’s a sign-on scrubber and a blether-yed
who’d sell ‘is own mom for tuppence a crack,
an sell ‘is own arse for a tewtree a smack.
Them the wust ferrit, them wammels, waggin’
on the box. Blartin’ – while the UK’s laggin’
behind Eastern reds, who’d tek all you own,
they’d slit you a new smile just for your phone.
It coulda bin the Imam from Lye Town – the one
that wrote them poems for ‘is daughter and son.

Tomo is guilty, ‘e went with a smile
and we, in our reaping, work on beguiled.

R. M. Francis is a poet from the Black Country, researching his PhD at the University of Wolverhampton. His chapbook, Transitions, was published by The Black Light Engine Room in 2015. Two further pamphlets, Orpheus (Lapwing Publications) and Transform (A Swift Exit Press) are due out soon. Find him on Facebook:

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One Response to Tomo’s Sonnet

  1. Just brilliant this is Rob!

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