Ways to Love Girls

mama wrote me a list of ways
to make boys love you; begin
by looking divine
so I weave glitter into my hair
I unstitch flesh from muscle from
skeleton and glue them back together
with perfume from her dresser.
but how do you make girls love you
girls like starlets,
rising on gilded stairways
exotic wine with exotic names
swelling from their tongues like grace.
in every song I had to write for him
I preened about punctured lips,
seeds of blood on my tongue and the way
that she taught worship in her lap.
I want to build a monument
of skin,
clotting and thickening
I want hair fluttering like a flag
I want her to open it up
and bite into it like cotton candy.

Sanvitti Sahdev was born in 1999 and lives in Delhi, India. Her work is forthcoming in Alexandria Quarterly.

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