The Atlas of Past Times

These maps of us I carry in my head.
Alone, I still trace all the old rivers
twisting through the liquid night.
They bring me floating back
to the headwaters where we began,
where we drank ourselves new.
There were no towns or cities to stop the roads
so we drove through
watching the land of open range
act out what happens.
We met so we could wander.
The sky was everything we touched,
the mountain range only inches away
but a hundred miles long.
The airwaves we never saw coming.
We couldn’t name them or give them a latitude,
but they kept us going from page to page.

Aden Thomas grew up in central Wyoming. Previously, his work has been featured here in Eunoia Review, but also in Kentucky Review, Inflectionist Review, and The Blue Mountain Review. His website is

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2 Responses to The Atlas of Past Times

  1. shraddha singh says:

    Hello !! Hope you are doing well .

    I just released my anthology – Behind Smiles – what all we hide.
    It is a collection of 21 poems.

    Visit the link to know more. Do have a copy and share ur feedback then.

    You can review the book after reading on the same link. I will wait to hear from you.

    I will be glad to see you having a copy. I will eagerly wait for your review.

    Also i would like to tell u that till 15 nov the book is available for free download on amazon kindle. You will not have to pay anything.

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