What is the resonant frequency of my grieving:

The house smelled of our unwillingness
to speak of what we all knew
the imminence of:

as I locked myself in my room
knowing, even at 11,
how unable i was to speak about this:

you, in a different kind of inaction:
eyes shut; a light breathing

and me, in my room,
trying to imitate you,
in my not speaking,
in my boarding up
as the cake, downstairs, melted
onto the floor as my family,
downstairs, at a loss,
as to how to move forward,
from here.

GD Harkavy is a last semester senior at Hampshire College studying poetry and research mathematics. They are currently finishing off their first book of poems. Greg’s work has appeared in Voicemail Poems and The Reader, and they also publish under the name Greg McCarthy.

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