Pictures taken down
from the mirror
above the doll bought
from Japan last summer
The yellowish cattish
stuffed creature
still stares at
my three white hairs
as I found them
against the sea of
darkness in my
stained distorted reflection
Your closed eyes
burn me wordlessly
as the first time
you gave me the look

Dr. Ho Cheung Lee (Peter) resides in Hong Kong, where he teaches and writes. He is the founding editor of BALLOONS Lit. Journal. His poetry/short stories have appeared in Poetry Quarterly, River Poets Journal, Sierra Nevada Review, The Chaffey Review, The Interpreter’s House, The Oddville Press, The Writing Disorder, and elsewhere. His photography/artwork is forthcoming in Rattle (winter 2016) as cover art, *82 Review (Issue 4.4), and Front Porch Review (Jan 2017). More about him can be found at http://www.ho-cheung.com.

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