Not Enough Fruit on the Bottom

We are the sleeping fragments of his sky,
Wind giving presence to fragments.
—Ted Berrigan, The Sonnets

The night we disguised
Ted Berrigan’s ghost

As this empty orchestra
That walked on our tongues

We were causing a ruckus
            You laughed

At my line—robots are wooing
The girl in my soup

& something just clicked—
Peach Yoplait

Leaked from each page
There was not enough

Fruit on the bottom
& our fingers were sticky

Worms fighting death
            I was just

This smoky-eyed cat
Micturating in Biography

Pleasant ferns licked
The room greenish

            That night
I missed my flight

Back from my reading
In Boulder—you called me

“The patient one”
But only ironically

Raymond Farr is author of ECSTATIC/.of facts (Otoliths, 2011), & Writing What For? across the Mourning Sky (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2012), sic transit—”g” (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2012, 2016), Poetry in the Age of Zero Grav (Blue & Yellow Dog, 2015). Raymond is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog, now archived at & publisher/editor of a new poetry blog The Helios Mss.

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