The Basement

An episode
in the basement

as though I’d never
In amazement

and shame,
this is my residence,

yet incredulous
is where I live:

In the basement?
Could I
have forgotten?

And while its
left or right

is always
never the same,

its questions
and its timelessness is.

The poetry of Peter A. Manos has been published in The New York Times, Yellow Chair Review, The Provo Canyon Review, Elohi Gaduji Journal, Atlanta Review, Poetry Quaterly, The Weekly Avocet, Parody Poetry Journal, and other poetry journals.

Peter grew up in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, by shores that were beautiful or horrid depending on the tides, the wind, and whether or not you were looking toward or away from the sewage plant. He remains happily confused about the distinctions we make between nature and technology, and authors a monthly column in Transmission & Distribution World Magazine about trends in renewable energy in the electric utility industry. He has a BA in Philosophy from Vassar College, and a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing and Finance from NYU.

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