A Love Story

Be calm—don’t panic?

Well, remember the Copenhagen stain on your skorts I left.
The coat of faux fox fur freedom I bought you—
and you became a queen’s ego for a Wednesday.

Remember the comatose sidewalk you remembered tripping on—falling for,
as if embracing your downside, as if
forgetting your loyalty to me.

Stay calm—don’t panic you said.

As if love were a replacement for a plaything.
As if acorn squash with brown sugar and a glass of red Chateau wasn’t your favorite meal.
As if our first kiss meant as much to you as—

the passing of leaves,
a portrait of a stranger,
the cabby forgetting his fare.

Keep calm—don’t panic you said.

Because love is a camel toe—an intriguing pocket of desire.

Look but don’t touch you said.
Smell don’t taste you said.

But a plump apple will always look delectable.

I remember the fog that day,
as thick as the water,
as coarse as latex paint,
as smooth to breathe as your hair after you’ve been jogging.

But there was no fog in the air—
only the blink pink of midnight sonnets,
the spice of decompressing poetry,
melancholy thyme.

If the bible were our sex book—
God would absolve me of sins and of my reproductive democracy.

Spit on me and I’ll bleed,
kill me and I’ll forget your laughter,
fuck me one more time—

and I’ll never speak of this again.

Be calm—don’t panic you said.
Be calm—don’t panic?

Remember that the fog is forever in my favor.
And our love story is forever a fairytale never read.

Be calm don’t panic I say…

This is a reprint of work originally published in Nowhere Journal.

Levi J. Mericle is a poet/spoken-word artist, lyricist and fiction writer from Tucumcari, NM. Currently he is associated with the New Mexico State Poetry Society and gives readings from his work. His work has appeared in multiple anthologies and can be seen in many lit magazines and journals from over half a dozen countries such as Black Heart Magazine, Mused – the BellaOnline Literary Review, Flash Fiction Magazine, eFiction India, The Awakenings Review, University of Madrid’s literary magazine and more. He is an advocate for the anti-bullying movement, as well as an advocate for the LGBTQ community.

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