Bye & Bye

I feel great & purple & optimistic. I wake up to interview myself & go to lunch. People are saying things in eye language. No one in my dreams said anything about eye language. I wonder how to say I remember a guy on a screen saying his shrink said the job of your life is to know yourself in eye language. I try, without looking at anyone, looking at a wet newspaper wrapped around a bus stop pole. I’m watching Be Here to Love Me on my back. I’m not asking anything of you. I feel amazing brushing my teeth with the refrigerator door open.

Parker Tettleton is a Leo, a vegan, & a resident of Portland, Oregon. He is also the author of the collection Greens (Thunderclap Press, 2012) as well as the chapbooks Same Opposite (Thunderclap Press, 2010) & Ours Mine Yours (Pity Milk Press, 2014). More information is here.

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